Blossburg Freenet

Covering Downtown Blossburg, PA

The Blossburg FreeNet was created in September, 2007 as a Blossburg Visions in Business and Entertainment project for the enjoyment of Blossburg residents and visitors. Welcome to downtown Blossburg, PA and enjoy your stay.

Term of Service – By using this network you agree to not use it for illegal purposes. The Blossburg FreeNet and all supporting organizations, businesses, and persons involved in this network hold no responsibility for how you use the network or any actions taken against you for conduct while using this network. This network is provided on a best effort basis, meaning it may work, or it may not, at any time.

How to connect

Stop downtown and open your laptop or turn on your WiFi enabled device such as an iPad or smart phone. To get on the network, start your web browser and go to a web site. You’ll be directed to a Splash Page for the Blossburg Freenet. Click on the link on the Splash Page and you’re on. That’s it.


  • Blossburg Improvement Association – Equipment
  • The Brick Restaurant – Hotspot
  • Bloss Hardware – Hotspot
  • Blossburg V.I.B.E. – Equipment/Volunteers
  • Blossburg Borough Council / Borough Hall – Hotspot
  • Blossburg Memorial Library – Hotspot
  • Kiwanis Building, Island Park – Hotspot
  • Victoria Theatre – Hotspot
  • 242 Coffee Company – Hotspot


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For further information, or to report an outage, please e-mail

A Project of


Created in 2004, Blossburg V.I.B.E. (Visions in Business & Entertainment) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that envisions, plans and implements projects to enhance the quality of life for those who live, work, play or attend school in Blossburg.  For more information about Blossburg V.I.B.E. or to make a donation, visit us at