Fall Festival

Blossburg Fall Festival, Hosted by Blossburg V.I.B.E. – Oct. 15, 2023

The Crowd at Blossburg Fall Festival

Stop by Blossburg for the Blossburg Fall Festival on Sunday October 15, 2023 from 12 to 4 pm. It will be a fun filled day of craft vendors, musical entertainment, and games. Come on out and enjoy a great day with your community!


  • 12 to 4 pm – Food, Games, Arts, Crafts, Fundraisers (Download vendor application from below)
  • 12:30 to 2:30 pm – Live music
  • 2 pm – Blossburg V.I.B.E.’s Hot Dog Eating Contest
  • 3 pm – Kid’s Pie Eating Contest
  • 2 pm – Pie Bake-Off –

2023 Blossburg V.I.B.E. Fall Festival Vendor Map – Printable


2023 Vendor List so far

  • Sons of the Legion-Food
  • Brenda Peguignot-cotton Candy
  • Bloss Legion Aux Mary Wickman-food
  • Sue Bowne-food
  • Wandering barista
  • Sweeter Side desserts-Victoria Manhart-baked goods
  • Joe and Darlene Namoli-crafts
  • Angela Kennedy –crafts
  • Tricia Owlett-crafts
  • Jennie Drumheller-Red Rock Job Corp (organization)
  • Abby Derryberry-Lemonade Stand for Space Camp
  • Bailey Schuster and friend-Crafts
  • Sean Sember-crafts (grammy Anne’s crafts)
  • MaryAnn Tokarz-crafts
  • Jenn Williams-crafts/Plexus
  • Tonda Stocum-crafts
  • Heather Dietrich/john Lamonski
  • Shiela Landolf-crafts
  • Wreaths across America-Annie Brooks-Baked good auction
  • Anna Osborn-Girl Scout troop
  • Ethel Zeller
  • Blossburg Baptist-game and giveaway
  • Sarah Tinney and Nathan Harris-Goats and produce
  • Covington Baptist inflatables
  • Arnot Church- pumpkin and giveaway
  • J’s Popcorn-Joe Congdon
  • Doreen Mase-jewelry
  • Don-DeGroff-Don’s balloon creations
  • Ryann DeGroff-color street nails
  • Head start-giveaways informational
  • Dawn Mitchell-bath/body products (crafts)
  • Sandy Kling-crafts
  • Kim Sampson-Soup baked goods
  • Jennifer Busch-jams/jellies
  • Tammy Brown-bake goods/Crafts for GS troop
  • Sharon Breitenbeck-TC Dems-informational
  • Justina Cvetkovski-candles/crafts
  • Sheila Landolf-wood crafts
  • Suzanne Marble(Craig/Jackie Konzen) jewelry
  • Daryl/Deb Cavette- DLC designs
  • Kathy Hudson-chili
  • Linda Herbert-crafts
  • Mary/William Gilkinson-wood crafts
  • Kimberly Whtiney-Bump-T-Shirts custom apparel
  • Christina Raspa-crafts
  • Savana Ragan-candles/Watkins products
  • Angela Roosa-Force Baton Group
  • Taylor Nickerson
  • Dottie Gibbons
  • Kathy Krause Baked goods
  • Kyla Winder-Crafts
  • Cassie Chase-plants
  • Meghan Graham-Crafts
  • Larry O’conner-minature trees and wood crafts
  • Nikki Miller- Crafts
  • Robert Smith-Food Truck/trailer
  • Bloss Methodist-Mr. Sticky’s, children’s craft and childrens activities
  • Dee (Deb) Dry-crafts
  • Christina Van Ness-crafts` 
  • Donna Lougher-crafts
  • Sheila Shaffer Paparazzi jewelry


Vendor Registration – Last day to register is Oct. 7

2023 Printable Vendor Registration Form

2023 Online Vendor Registration

Event Sponsorship

2023 Fall Festival sponsorship letter



Blossburg V.I.B.E. wants YOUR help with planning the Fall Festival. If you’re interested in lending a hand, idea, or anything else, contact Jackie Smith at (570)404-4632

Volunteers Needed!

If you are looking for something to do, someway to help out, or maybe you need to get more community services hours for school , then volunteer to help V.I.B.E. put on the Fall Festival!


For more information about the Blossburg Fall Festival, contact Jackie, the Fall Festival Team Leader at 570-404-4632.

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