Welcome to Blossburg Pennsylvania.  You can stop in an say hi while traveling on US Route 15 / Future I-99 Corridor, mid-way between Corning, NY and Williamsport, PA.  Blossburg is a small community with almost everything a traveler needs.  We do suggest opening Google Maps to check out the location of our gas stations, EV Charger, restaurants, bar and grille, grocery store, pharmacy, hardware store, and Island Park recreation area.  When you first exit the highway, you’ll see the Kwik Fill/Red Apple, take a left turn, drive for a 1/2 mile, take a right turn over the green bridge and you’ll enter downtown Blossburg.  We’re sure you’ll find something you like, so see you soon!

Downtown Blossburg by Julie McIntosh Nowak
Downtown Blossburg by Julie McIntosh
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