Blossburg Together

Blossburg Together is a community resource for humanitarian assistance, reliable information about local events and topics, and positive perspective. Serving Blossburg Borough, Bloss Township, Hamilton Township, Covington, Putnam, and Ward Township, and surrounding areas.

Group Rules

1. Stay Factual and on Topic.

Any posts off topic or of disinformation, even if well-intended, may be deleted.

2. Keep a Positive Perspective

We are all here together. This is a resource to help people feel connected to each other. Let’s keep it positive and helpful.

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A Project of

Blossburg V.I.B.E. - Visions In Business and Entertainment

Created in 2004, Blossburg V.I.B.E. (Visions in Business & Entertainment) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that envisions, plans and implements projects to enhance the quality of life for those who live, work, play or attend school in Blossburg.  For more information about Blossburg V.I.B.E. or to make a donation, visit us at