Fall Festival Pie Eating Contest




The Blossburg VIBE Pie Eating Contest will take place at 3:00pm on Sunday, October 14th 2018.

You may pre-register by mailing this form to address below or you can register the day of the event.  Registration will take place at 2:00pm at the VIBE table.

There is no registration fee for this event.  Contest winner will receive a $25 cash prize and trophy.

Registration will be limited to 10 participants per heat.  The contest will include a heat for ages 7-11 and 12-15.


Contest Rules

  • Contestants must be ages 7-15.
  • No hands can be used.
  • Contestants will eat as much whipped cream and vanilla pudding pie as possible within 2 minutes.
  • Any visible signs of sickness will cause disqualification.
  • All pies will be weighed prior to the contest. Winner will be chosen by judges.  In the event of a tie, pies will be weighed at the end of the final heat.


Waiver of Participation:

Contestant acknowledges that there are risks of personal injury and illness which may result from participating in this contest.  Contestant, as a condition of entry, agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Blossburg VIBE for any and all responsibility, damages, and injury that may occur to the contestant as a result of participating in this eating contest.


Contestant certifies that the information provided on this form is correct and that they have carefully read, understand, and accept the terms, rules, and entry form for the contest.  Contestant’s signature indicates understanding and assumption of the risks associated with the contest and declares voluntary participation in the contest.  Signature by the parent or guardian indicates permission for their minor to participate accordingly.


Entrants agree that Blossburg VIBE has the right to use pictures of the contestants on their website and other promotional material.