2024 Blossburg Pool Information

2024 Blossburg Pool Info


Opening Date: Friday, June 7th, 12:30 to 5 pm.
Normal Business Hours: Monday-Thursday 12:30-7:00 and Friday-Sunday 12:30-5:00.

Entry Price

Entry Price: $3 per person/day or purchase a bracelet good for 10 entries for $25.00. A bulk bracelet deal is not available this year.  Age 2 and younger are free.  Bracelets from prior years are still good this year.  Use your old ones up first.

Swimming Lessons

Swimming lessons will start on June 17th. Sign-ups will be at the pool once it is open. It is possible to have night lessons as well, depending on interest. It would be a shortened condensed class. That will also be at the pool once it opens. (That may slightly affect hours 2 nights a week).  Swimming Lessons are $60 per person.

Pool Parties

Pool Party dates are filling up fast. We offer parties Friday nights and Saturday and Sunday before or after hours. Any questions feel free to ask or contact Holly at 570-404-4507.

Contact/Other Info

Facebook Page: https://facebook.com/BlossburgPool/
The Blossburg Pool Phone Number is 570-404-1561

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