William B. Wilson – Bibliography

William Bauchop Wilson
First U.S. Secretary of Labor

Our thanks and appreciation to those who have contributed their valuable time, photos, memories, newspaper clippings, and memorabilia to this project:

•  David A. Jones, Blossburg, Pa. (great grandson)
•  Robert Wilson, Annapolis, Md. (great grandson)
•  Kitty Wilson, Blossburg, Pa. (wife of grandson Thomas Wilson)
•  Jean Burnette Daugherty, Syracuse, N.Y. (grand niece)
•  Janet Wilson Kirk Emerson, Convent Station, N.J. (grand niece)
•  Susan Kaczynski, Blossburg, Pa. (great granddaughter)
•  Sally Ward, Blossburg, Pa. (Blossburg Borough secretary)
•  John Backman, Blossburg, Pa. (mayor)
•  Heidi I. Jones, Blossburg, Pa. (great great granddaughter)
•  Joshua D. Jones, Blossburg, Pa. (great great grandson)
•  Beverly S. Jones, Blossburg, Pa. (wife of great grandson, David A. Jones)
•  Shelly T. West, Laurel, Md.
•  James McIntosh, Blossburg, Pa. (a life long friend)
•  R. Keith Lindie, Blossburg, Pa. (a life long friend and photographic historian)

Source materials:
Babson, Roger W. William B. Wilson and the Department of Labor, (New York: Brentano’s) 1919.
Jones, Mary Harris The Autobiography of Mother Jones, (Chicago: Kerr Publishing Company) 1996 (original published 1925) Wilson, William Bauchop, unpublished manuscript, 1913.
Wilson, William Bauchop, Memories (Washington, D.C.: The Trades Unionist) 1916
Swinsick, Phyllis Flashbacks: The lore and legends of eight small communities in Tioga County, Pennsylvania, (Tioga County: Tioga Printing Corp.) 1993
The Blossburg Advertiser December 1898 through December 1899.
Many newspaper clippings, photographs, and oral histories. Most documentation available from David A. Jones.

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