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Borough Council Minutes
November 12, 2001        6:30 PM
Attendance: Mayor John Backman

Council Members :
       Council President, James Bogaczyk
       Council Vice-President, Jerome Ogden
       Tonya McNamara Pro-Tempore
       James Holleman
       Cheryl Bubacz
       Raymond Kaminski
       Brian Laverty

Borough Manager, George Lloyd
Police Chief, Ronald Steffen
Borough Solicitor Patrick Barrett
Borough Secretary, Sally Ward

Guests : Lonnie Frost, Dottie Gibbons-Taber Street.

Guest Lonnie Frost was recognized. He addressed comments reference to the Chief of Police to Council.

Attorney Barrett advised the President that this could be better discussed in an Executive Session as a personnel matter. Or, it could be later taken to the Police Committee.

The Mayor requested notation made letter to him just now received, no prior knowledge, reference the letter. (Is aware of problems with residents.)

Meeting has been discussed reference the contacts between the police and residents of Tabertown Apartments. The Solicitor again advised the matter not be disucssed at this point. The complaints have been ongoing, police responses given excellent report by HUD office for their handling of the matters, as opposed to residents comments. D. Gibbons complained at this time.

In order to get all the discussions the meeting of the persons issuing complaints, Police Committee, Mayor, Chief, Borough Solicitor, anyone from Counci available, Manager, will meet at 4:00 P.M. here the 14th. Frost and Gibbons left the meeting.

An Executive Session was called at the request of the Borough Solicitor. 6:40-7:20 P.M. Litigation discussed, no action at this time. Mr. Barrett left the meeting.

Minutes of the October 8, 2001 meeting were read and approved.
The Treasurer's report was read and approved, subject to audit.

A motion was made, seconded and passed to pay bills as presented.

Reports : Mayor :   No report

Police :  View report.

Borough Manager :   View report.
Borough Manager's:   Activity Log.

Planning Commission :  View report

Recreation :  View report.

Fire Department :   No report

Television :    View report.

Library :     No report

Street Committee :     No report

K.C.C. :    View report.

Budget Committee :     View report

NPHS Student rep :    View report

Zoning Hearing Board :    No Report.

Ordinance Update Committee :    View Report.

Old Business:
  1. Gulick Street trailer park: Nothing.

  2. Regionalization: Feasibility Study was passed out prior to October meeting.

  3. Street lighting: No report.

  4. Ordinances: Copy received-corrections duly noted.

  5. Monument repair: Prices still being submitte for the monument. Work can not begin until spring due to extent of work needed.

    Flag pole will be put in place as soon as possible. The cost is $595.00 for the pole.

  6. Evaluation: Nothing

  7. Road study: G. Lloyd contacted S. Bray. Needed for East Creek, WM. B. and White.

  8. Telephone Display: Tabled 9 July 2001.

  9. Water Study Hospital: D. Jones checked pump. Ran 6-7 hours. 100'-200', 90 Gallons minute. Tests to Seewald.
  10. Zoning Hearing Board Vacancy: James Roupp appointed.
  11. Bleachers Project: Application to DCNR being worked on Tom Shill of Northern Tier. The Gridiron Club is actively working on the funding. A sample of bleachers has been looked at.
  12. Decal: G. Lloyd is being assisted by D. Jones with this photo for the decal.
  13. Island Sign-Brooks: J. Bogaczyk reported Brooks wants to be sure Borough will assume care of sign. Recreation Board discussed the sign. G. Lloyd had been asked to check into the sign costs where Brooks is getting the park sign. Signs range in price from $1,500-$2,000. for borough signs similar to the one Mansfie1d has. The signs are not wooden so require little care. PADOT is being contacted about the placement for signs for the Borough in relation to right of way.
  14. Feasibi1ity Study M/A-Hamilton Township: Ward did not know this was part of the Regionalization Study so had put it on Agenda-not necessary)

New Business:
  • Resolution: John Kuster Memorial Fund: Donations to monument, park, ambulance or fire received here will be put into fund and disbursed when project settled. Motion to adopt: R. Kmainski; second, B. Laverty. All in favor.
  • Resolution County Commissioners: Motion to apply to County Commissioners for Liquid Fuels allocation of $2,756.50 by J. Ogden; second, B. Laverty. All in favor.
  • Resolution Project for Liquid Fuels: Motion to apply $2,756.50 supplies for anti-skid materials through Liquid Fuels, R. Kaminski; second, J. Ogden. All in favor.
  • . New Hirees Insurance: J. Ogden made a motion, "The Resolution be adopted as stated: New Hires will be given health insurance, only employee and not any dependents." Second, B. Laverty. All in favor.
  • Insurance for Employees: The presentation by Blue Cross/Blue Shield has been studied. Motion to adopt the BC/BS policy made by R. Kaminski; second, T. McNamara. All in favor.
  • Resolution; Budget, Tax Ordinance, Advertising: Budget will be advertised for public inspection on motion of J. Ogden; second, C. Bubacz All in favor.

    Proposed Tax Ordinance for 2002 will be advertised on motion of J. Ogden; second, R. Kaminski. All in favor.
  • Fuel-Vehicles: Motion to advertise fuel bids J. Holleman; second, C. Bubacz. Carried

  • TCAB Wellsboro December 20, 2001.
  • Thank you read from St. Andrew's for plaque.
  • (Notice of sale of Williamson property discussed. Contractors coming to do inspection being arranged, includes this property.)

Police report:

  • R. Kaminski asked for Chief to briefly explain problems at the complex. The Chief brought Council up to date as to incidents which had been reported. J. Bogaczyk stated the department has done its best to try to keep the problems under control. HUD should be managing better it seems to appear.
  • Chief has, with Mayor gone over applications for part-time officers. Lisa Shutt, and Harold Morris have qualified under state requirements for hire. The applicants were introduced to Council at this time. Officers to be on roster as needed.
  • The Chief reported on meeting with A. Lindner. Most of the stolen items have been returned to the school.
  • A motion was made, seconded and passed to accept the Police Report.

  • Police

Borough Manager's report:

  • G. Lloyd reported testing at well behind Laurel Center, Ruah Street. Continues contact with Scott Bray as to steps to proceed. Samples will be sent for tests. Pressure has been good. It did take a little while to clear after starting, was let run for six hours to see about pressure and appearance-had been dark.

    Working on various projects around borough as weather has helped.

  • Borough Manager

Planning Commission report:

  • The proposed Kelly to Municipal Authority minor sub- division at the sewer plant area has been approved by Kelly to M/Auth the Planning Commission, reviewed and commented on by East Creek Road Tioga County Planner. Council action is now needed.

    The motion to approve minor subdivision C. Bubacz second R. Kaminski All in favor.

    If applications for review by Planning Commission are Applications not received prior to one week before regular meeting, they will not be acted upon at the meeting.

    J. Bogaczyk asked If response received for member to be appointed to Zoning Hearing Board. He had discussed this with James Roupp of Gulick Street who was the first on the list to be nominated. Mr. Roupp would accept.

    J. Ogden made the motion to appoint James Roupp to the Zoning Hearing Board. Second, B. Laverty. All in favor.

  • Planning Commission

Recreation report:

  • G. Lloyd, J. Bogaczyk, James Rakoski of STSD met to discuss the bleacher project at Island Park. The "Use Agreement" figures of course are different from previous years due to changing costs. The term would be for five years instead of ten in case more expenses rise. The information has to be reviewed by the School, also.
  • R. Kaminski asked that plans be made rather than just everything being hurried through with no previous planning for the park.Where things are now, proposed other sites should be on a map. There are two maps of the park which had been prepared for applications. One was drawn up by Mayor Emeritus Kuster. The trees again were discussed. T. McNamara asked about the memorial trees and the trees to be removed or trimmed.

  • Recreation

Television report:

K.C.C. report:

  • B. Laverty discussed questions directed at last meeting. No policy had been set as to if activity held in building was commercial such as the bands having concert to raise their own funds. No problem he was aware of until the questions were raised. They (bands) were same as anyone else by using, paying fee, etc.

    B. Laverty expressed his concerns about the rash of vandalism again at the site. Every time they get things taken care of it seems lately they have to put money out to repair damages. The spotlight is being left on out back even though this may not solve anything. It is a way to try. The window in the girls room room, will be replaced with thermopane.
  • Question on insurance if something were to happen when a band played, would they have own insurance? Nothing additional has been asked for if Girl or Boy Scouts or others use the building. The Coal Festival has to obtain insurance for the park when it is open the end of May each year. The coverage for the building could be checked. B. Laverty was advised to use own judgement with the rentals.

  • K.C.C.

Budget report:

NPHS Student Representative report:

Ordinance Update Committee report:

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Meeting adjourned at 8:45 PM
Sally Ward
Borough Secretary