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Borough Council Minutes
January 13, 2003
        6:30 PM
Attendance: Mayor John Backman

Council Members :
Council President, Jerome Ogden        
Vice-President, Tonya McNamara
James Holleman
Cheryl Bubacz
Raymond Kaminski
Timothy Roupp (Absent)
Tom Bogaczyk

Borough Manager, George Lloyd
Police Chief, Ronald Steffen
Borough Secretary, Sally Ward
Patrick Barrett Esq., Borough Solicitor
Guests: Tyler Lisowski, NPHS Student Council, and Ginny Adams, Wellsboro Gazette.

Minutes of the December 9, 2002 meeting accepted on motion of R. Kaminski, second J. Holleman, All in favor.
The Treasurer's report was read and approved, subject to audit.

Question: T. Bogaczyk asked about Hamilton Township repayment.

The bills will be paid on motion of C. Bubacz, Second R. Kaminski. All in favor.

GUESTS:T. Lisowski, G. Adams.

Discussion on the building codes with amendments.

R. Kaminski advised the members of the problems arising for boroughs due to the overhaul of the building codes.

He explained about the number of inspections, costs, testing, classes, etc.

S. Ward commented there are several inspections now needed for occupancy of houses and apartments in the borough. With the increase of people moving in and out, there are several which need to be done.

R. Kaminski noted the problems with older buildings, and questioned the inspection required for occupancy.

Ward noted she has in the past had help from the Police Department and the Borough. Problems were outlined, suggestions put forth.

In order to insure inspections being accomplished, occupancy permits issued even in light of the new rules as pointed out by R. Kaminski, it was decided there should be assistance given in the process which has been used.

A motion was made by R. Kaminski; Second, T. Bogaczyk, "That Council Authorize inspections in manner being used with assistance of police officer, or Borough Manager designate borough employee to assist in inspections." All in favor.

Executive Session called 6:45 P.M. Meeting reconvened 6:58 P.M. No action on personnel discussion.

Reports : Mayor :  View report.

Police :  View report.

Borough Manager :   View report.
Borough Manager's:   Activity Log.

Planning Commission :  View report

Recreation :  View report.

Fire Department :  View report.

Television :    View report.

Library :     View report.

Street Committee :     View report.

K.C.C. :    View report.

Budget Committee :    View report

NPHS Student rep :    View report

Zoning Hearing Board :    View report

Ordinance Update Committee :    View Report.

Old Business:
  1. Gulick Street trailer park: P. Barrett had called Grabowski Partnership. No reply will need to contact them again.

  2. Ordinances: Nothing more from Committee.

  3. Evaluation: Mr. Barrett reviewing after talking to Borough Manager.

  4. Well old hospital: Waiting for more reports.

  5. Footbridge: Discussed earlier.

  6. Cul-de-sac: Cul-De-Sac Davis Lane: Preparing Deed of Dedication. Most agree with this. One person not agreeing as of now. May have to act.

  7. Houses: Bank having problem with asbestos question. Others - Solicitor to review.

  8. Cul-De-Sac Granger St.: Ward will speak to B. Jones.

  9. Pensions: Non-UniformNon-Uniform/Police Pension. The intent to adopt has been advertised. Motion T. Bogaczyk; Second, C. Bubacz "That both Ordinances be adopted." All in favor.

  • J. Ogden asked Budget Committee to meet on insurances. Meeting set. R. Kaminski reported on classes for building codes.

Mayor report:

Police report:

  • Accepted motion of C. Bubacz; R. Kaminski - Second. All in favor. T. Bogaczyk asked if all that are "open" on report - are these still litigating? Chief said they are. The chief left the meeting at 7:35 P.M.

  • Police

Borough Manager's report:

  • Report accepted Motion R. Kaminski; Second. T. Bogaczyk. All in favor.

  • Resolution presented for Agility Agreement with PADOT. Explained jobs which borough crew can do to earn "credits" for work on borough streets, by PADOT.

    Agility Agreement adopted on motion of R. Kaminski, Second, C. Bubacz. All in favor.

  • Inter-Municipal Agreement for snow removal in Morris Run given to members after review had been made by Budget Committee. Supposed to be only until the Township gets their equipment repaired. May finish out the season.

    J Holleman asked how it was billed. T. Bogaczyk asked about who would be using the equipment belonging to the Borough?

    Bill prepared in office here sent weekly if funds due. No one except Blossburg employees allowed to use the equipment at any time. Blossburg is supposed to be taken care of before going to Morris Run. G. Lloyd said he contacted the insurance company as to coverage. P. Barrett said he requested review and had some suggestions. Question as to Road Master or Supervisor authorized to call and ask for help.

    Agreement (with the correction) adopted on motion of T. Bogaczyk; Second, R. Kaminski. All in favor.

  • Railroad Property: Borough now owns it. Surveyor contacted should be here end of January beginning of February. Several questions on the land involved. Discussed land purchased by Borough where building is located and ambulance building. The purchase involved the strip of land from Hanibal to Lynd Street. Acorn Market has right-of-way agreement with Borough as they allowed a right-of-way beside building for the borough (north side).

  • C. Bubacz asked if papers she had presented to G. Lloyd for submitting to Scarnati are ready. S. Bray to be here Wednesday to finish with G. Lloyd.

  • Borough Manager

Planning Commission report:

  • Fence already discussed. Once again, need for study and action to correct this type of problem.

  • County Survey: Letter from Chairman Darby had been sent to members. A suggestion had been made to add television cable to the services list. (This prior to storm problems, not reflecting any of problems caused by storm.)

  • Discussion resulted in agreement by members that the survey not be changed from the way presented. Ask County to go ahead with the contact with borough residents.

  • Planning Commission

Recreation report:

Fire Department report:

  • Mayor reported on officers to be same as last year. Discussed the building plans. C. Bubacz noted they have not returned the papers to her that she needs. Immediate contact will be made with the Chief on this urgent matter.

  • Fire Department

Television report:

  • Contacted attorney reference the emergency notices. No reply yet.

  • Television

Library report:

  • T. Bogaczyk reported funds had come from Covington, Ward and Putnam Townships as result of letters sent. Amounted to $225.00 which is more than before as they had not been asked to donate. It is hoped they will put it in budgets in the future.

    C. Bubacz suggested they apply to the Tabor Foundation for funds.

  • Library

Street Committee report:

K.C.C. report:

  • C. Freeberg had joined the meeting. Report given on uses of the Funds and plans for more repairs presented. (Left meeting 7:21 P.M.)

  • K.C.C.

Budget report:

  • Ward reported total Land Returns up from last year. Total $31,867.25 is outstanding. Taxes had been up from before with reassessments. Same people about every year, as on shut offs.

  • Budget Committee

NPHS Student Representative report:

Zoning report:

Ordinance Update Committee report:

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Meeting adjourned 8:09 PM
Sally Ward
Borough Secretary