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Borough Council Minutes
February 10, 2003
        6:30 PM
Attendance: Mayor John Backman

Council Members :
Council President, Jerome Ogden        
Vice-President, Tonya McNamara
James Holleman
Cheryl Bubacz
Raymond Kaminski
Timothy Roupp
Tom Bogaczyk

Borough Manager, George Lloyd
Police Chief, Ronald Steffen
Borough Secretary, Sally Ward
Patrick Barrett Esq., Borough Solicitor
Guests: Tyler Lisowski, NPHS Student Council, Ginny Adams, Wellsboro Gazette and Charles Freeberg for Kiwanis.

Minutes of the January 13, 2003 meeting accepted on motion of C. Bubacz, second R. Kaminski, All in favor.
The Treasurer's report was read and approved, subject to audit.

The bills will be paid on motion of T. Bogaczyk, Second R. Kaminski. All in favor.

Executive Session requested by Borough Solicitor.

Reports : Mayor :  View report.

Police :  View report.

Borough Manager :   View report.
Borough Manager's:   Activity Log.

Planning Commission :  View report

Recreation :  View report.

Fire Department :  View report.

Television :    View report.

Library :     View report.

Street Committee :     View report.

K.C.C. :    View report.

Budget Committee :    View report

NPHS Student rep :    View report

Zoning Hearing Board :    View report

Ordinance Update Committee :    View Report.

Old Business:
  1. Gulick Street trailer park: Suggested by Solicitor that this be removed. Motion "To remove Trailer Park Gulick Street from the Agenda," R. Kaminski: Second, T. Bogaczyk. All in favor.

  2. Ordinances: Nothing more from Committee.

  3. Evaluation: Borough Solicitor to review.

  4. Well old hospital: Nothing at this time.

  5. Footbridge: Discussed earlier.

  6. Cul-de-sac: Cul-De-Sac Davis Lane: Paperwork being prepared. Will have to send to residents by Solicitor.

  7. Houses: (Utig)/Robinson/M. Bogaczyk/Scrobak-Hearing to be set by Solicitor. P. Barrett asked possible Special Meeting 17 March 2003 if needed about these.

  8. Cul-De-Sac Granger St.: Spoke to B. Jones. Mr. Jones said he would contact surveyor and see why not completed.

  9. Survey-RE: County Comprehensive Plan: C. Stocum Vice Chairman of the Planning Commission will help to do the mailing of the surveys. The County will review the surveys when returned.

  10. Ward reported she has called some car owners who are in violation of the ordinance. The Borough Solicitor is reviewing the form letter which has been sent in the past to those in violation. This is another item they will discuss when they meet on the other borough business.

New Business:
  • Thomas Bogaczyk expressed his appreciation on behalf of the family for the support offered when Ambrose "Om" Bogaczyk, his brother passed away. Contribution in his memory was made to the Blossburg Memorial Library. His widow will be notified.

  • TCAB Tioga 20 Februay 2003.

    BLOSSBURG TO HOST TCAB MARCH 20, 2003. J. Ogden asked T. McNamara to take care of this as he will not be in the borough. Suggestion made meeting be at KCC, dinner by D. Pierce if she would agree. Contact with Kiwanis Club will be made, suggestions for joint meeting. Speaker to be selected.

Mayor report:

  • Mr. Backman had contacted PADOT again about the north end of old U.S. 15 North Williamson Road exit only to north highway 15. More arrows will be put on roadway. No further action on opening to incoming traffic after project completed.

    Project at park-repainting-improvements to cannon being done. Looks good.

  • Mayor

Police report:

  • Report accepted Motion C. Bubacz; Second, R. Kaminski. All in favor. Discussion traffic entering from north where not allowed. Concerned possible accidents. Walmart moving truck pulled wires down on Granger Street. Chief talked to driver, taken care of.

  • Police

Borough Manager's report:

  • Report accepted Motion T. McNamara: Second R. Kaminski. All in favor.

  • Generator in basement hooked up. Not able to handle heat or copy machine. Will have to put alternate generator in. Chief had contact with Department of Logistics. They gave list of available equipment-no charge-where another generator might be obtained. Just have to report where it is and being used.

  • Housing Authority requested light at the end of Hanibal Street where parking for housing is. There is a street light in that area which has not been repaired. J. Backman talked about light on unnamed street (Dreas Lane G. Lloyd told him name) by cemetery.

  • Problem with people parking on streets when time to plow. Would like study for aleternate parking for this purpose. Schuylkill is often a difficult one to plow. Another problem, people will put the snow right back out on the road from their driveways as soon as street is plowed. Checked the ordinances. Will have to have Street Committee make recommendations for ordinance.

  • Discussed scrap metal from removal of this from pedestrian bridge. C. Bubacz commented foundry would probably take any that could be melted. G. Lloyd said he would be using some to shore up sides.

    Bids should be ready for letting in April. Will start to tear down present bridge end of March or in April schedule permitting. New one should be in place July or August. Will not be able to have ready for Coal Festival.

  • In order to pursue the bridge project it will be necessary for Council action to begin process of removing, etc.

    A motion was made by T. Bogaczyk, "That the existing pedestrian bridge at the west end of McIntyre Street to Blossburg Borough Island Park be removed due to the structure having been condemned as unsafe." Second, R. Kaminski. All in favor.

    A motion was made by T. Bogaczyk, "That the Borough Manager do what is necessary to prepare information for bid to replace pedestrian bridge McIntyre Street to Borough Island Park." Second, R. Kaminski. All in favor. R. Kaminski asked Lloyd if he had used any of the information he had given to him about bridges which he had discussed with him. It was from sources on internet information pertaining to the bridge work in Corning. G. Lloyd said he is giving this to the engineer.

  • Borough Manager

Planning Commission report:

Recreation report:

Fire Department report:

  • C. Bubacz said she has the 501 (3)(c) and has for two weeks, is waiting for an attachment. She can not go further without this information.

  • Fire Department

Television report:

Library report:

  • T. Bogaczyk reported real nice letter written supporting the bridge replacement sent to appropriate agencies.

    Hamilton Township will donate $100.00 to the library as a result of receiving the letter requesting consideration of financial support.

    The insurances for the library were reviewed with the agent. An increase in liability coverage will be made.

    A reading program is being established for March. Volunteers will be welcomed to read to the little children.

  • Library

Street Committee report:

  • Severe damage is starting to show after the harsh weather conditions. Streets not having had problems before do now.

  • Street Committee

K.C.C. report:

  • Charles Freeberg reported activites in the building last month. Utility bills as usual. The Mayor asked if Chuck knew if there is a "hold harmless" agreement with persons renting. Building belongs to the borough T. Bogaczyk pointed out as opposed to the library (this as part of insurance noted). Land at library is borough property. Chuck did not know if there is any such agreement. J. Ogden commented should be part of coverage borough has on the park. This could be checked out.

    Contact made from Laurel Health/Hospital for possible use of building for children's program during school. He asked if he receives any other call, would C. Bubacz and T. McNamara as Council representatives for KCC meet with him. Some cleaning issues to discuss, etc. Both agreed.

  • K.C.C.

Budget report:

  • G. Lloyd reported money from ACCESS account tapped for payment of some expenses. There is a different ACCESS account for the bridge project. Another one has been set up in order to be able to draw at different Accounts times if necessary as you can only withdraw once in a quarter. Hopes next month to set up another so funds available each month.

    Suggestions made for posting sign or type of thermometer picture for lobby to show donations received, also requesting donations be made.

  • Budget Committee

NPHS Student Representative report:

  • Tyler Lisowski said a play "Curtain Going Up" is being prepared for spring presentation. Sometime in April this musical will be.

    Varsity Boys Basketball Team is going to compete in Districts. Mansfield University will host some of the playoff games. Other places announced as teams progress.

  • NPHS Student Representative

Zoning report:

Ordinance Update Committee report:

  • P. Barrett is planning to meet with S. Ward in order to go through especially the zoning. He has a problem with some sections. The committee has not given any reports on the items they were to study.

  • Ordinance Update Committee

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Meeting adjourned 7:30 PM
Sally Ward
Borough Secretary