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Borough Council Minutes
April 8, 2002
        6:30 PM
Attendance: Mayor John Backman

Council Members :
       Council President, Jerome Ogden
       Pro-Tempore Tonya McNamara
       James Holleman
       Cheryl Bubacz
       Raymond Kaminski
       Timothy Roupp

Borough Manager, George Lloyd
Police Chief, Ronald Steffen
Borough Secretary, Sally Ward
Guests: Steve Gee, Mansfield PA; David Jones and Beverly Jones Blossburg.

Minutes of the March 11, 2002 reconvened 27 March 2002:
Minutes accepted on motion of R. Kaminski second J. Holleman, All in favor.

The Treasurer's report was read and approved, subject to audit.

A motion was made, seconded and passed to pay bills as presented.

GUESTS: Steve Gee, Mansfield for Gridiron Club Bleacher Project: One copy of similar bleachers and technical information as to construction materials. Sorry for delay, project manager had been on vacation. Anything else he receives in the next few weeks, he will furnish to borough. They have kind of decided what they want to do. It doesn't -have anything about the storage building. He and George went to the site to look it over. Plans to meet with the company soon. Anyone wants to come, they are welcome. Basically, the storage building would be adjacent or as close to the bleachers as can be put. The building size 20' X 50', block building right directly adjacent to the back of the home side bleachers. They would go through the proper channels" he said. They have not determined the flood elevation for the permit process. Plan to do that when they get closer to the actual start time. Would be done by a contractor. Any questions now, or if you want to write down any he will be glad to answer them. If you wish to give your phone number, he would call you, he said.

J. Ogden asked about the procuring of the money. They had asked the Borough to sign an application for funds. What is going on there.

S. Gee said they have not heard anything.

J. Ogden said he is concerned about this in relation to the borough. We need to know what the status is.

S. Gee said the budget is being cut, so they don't have an idea as to how much of the 150,000 grand they may get approved for. He said they have done so well getting the pledges and donations, they plan to go ahead. They do not know if this will have an effect on the grant or not. They want to get the job done in one summer to be ready for the fist game of 2002. They have 152,000.00 at this time. The Mayor asked how much it would cost just to do the home side. S. Gee said he did not have that information with him.

They started with a range of $179,500.00 to $228,500.OO that was for both side with a press box, minus the concrete and storage building. So, as it turned out, they only got two bids back from the five quotes they sent out.

The bid accepted is $153,899.00. That is for both sides and the press box. They have enough to do both sides and the press box, minus the concrete and building. The DCED grant put in through Matt Baker is $5,000.00 and the other DCNR grant has no partial. Senator Madigan had been the one they contacted. Now, Senator Scarnati would handle this. Gee has not talked to him, he said. Gee talked to M. Baker last week and feels confident about the $5,000.00 grant.

T. Bogaczyk asked if this total included pledges. Gee said no, there are pledges in the amount of $6,000.00 to be collected. Basically they are going on what they already have. Without the grant they could proceed at this point. They want to get started immediately following the Coal Festival to be ready for the first game. This is why they did not wait to see about the grant.

C. Bubacz asked if they received grants from Packer or Taber Foundation. One grant was $5,000 and the other $7,500 and $10,500 from Jones Foundation. C. Bubacz advised him they could go back and ask for more funding if they do not have enough. Gee said that was basically what the Jones Foundation indicated, too.

He thanked Council and left at 6:47 P.M.

GUEST: Mr. & Mrs. Jones attended reference the minor sub-division they are requesting. G. Lloyd has the papers for this.

Reports : Mayor :  View report.

Police :  View report.

Borough Manager :   View report.
Borough Manager's:   Activity Log.

Planning Commission :  View report

Recreation :  View report.

Fire Department :   No report

Television :    View report.

Library :     View report.

Street Committee :     View report.

K.C.C. :    No report

Budget Committee :    No report

NPHS Student rep :     No report

Zoning Hearing Board :    No Report.

Ordinance Update Committee :    View Report.

Old Business:
  1. Gulick Street trailer park: Nothing.

  2. Water Study Hospital: DEP has to come to check location, etc. Samples being checked from hydro geologist. If approved in the future could be of value due to drought conditions, also. Borough residents asked to be careful, not mandatory restrictions now.

  3. Road study: P. Barrett has not sent for review in order to advertise.

  4. Street lighting: No report.

  5. Monument repair: Expected to start end of month.

  6. Evaluation: Nothing

  7. Equipment Bids: Completed during Manager Report.

  8. Bleacher Project: No flood elevation or permit received. Gee reported during Guest segment of meeting.

    R. Kaminski asked who is going to sign the contract for the bleachers? Is it the group doing it, or do they expect Council to do it? They have accepted the bid. Mr. Lloyd had asked this at another meeting, also. R. Kaminski said Council needs to know "If they signed contract and do not have the funds, will Borough be liable?"

    Council has filled out the application for grant - nothing else. C. Bubacz said her question is, if the grant is approved and there is interest accruing by the day, does Borough have to send it back? T. McNamara said they had talked about money for fencing, etc. This was not in the grant application. R. Kaminski pointed out the problem the City of Williamsport is having with the 3 million they have to pay back because they didn't do the right thing.

    J. Ogden pointed out he asked them to keep in touch with them at all times. He is concerned that if they default on payment, Borough would be responsible. R. Kaminski said he was worried about the same thing. T. Bogaczyk said the City of Utica had to repay 1.7 million last week as they had not used the grant for the purpose applied for. J. Ogden said when Council meets with P. Barrett we need to find out about it. C. Bubacz said that again, we are not against the project, we just need to know what is going on. They did not include the cost of cement in the contract or the storage building.

    If the grant is approved, there are different ways funds are given to the ones approved.

    WalMart has approved $1,000.00 to the group, also $1,000.00 to the Borough for this. The Borough amount (Gee was to bring check tonight, but did not) must be passed through the borough books. The borough IRS number was required.

New Business:
  • Committees; J. Ogden asked each person to state which committee they would serve on if anything different from the list. All named preferences, new list will be supplied to each member.

  • TCAB Elkland 25 April 2002, same night Northern Tier Planning. Please reserve with office ASAP.
  • The ground breaking for the new section of US Rt. 15 is scheduled for the llth at 3:00 P.M. north of Mansfield Motors in the field. Notices were sent to each member.

Mayor report:

  • He has been asked by Mrs. Trowbridge if the Council would amend the ordinances so that cats can not run around - same as restrictions for dogs. Discussion held. Mayor advised of problems when this type ordinances brought up at PSAB. Wellsboro has one in place. Police must enforce it. No action taken.

  • Mayor

Police report:

  • R. Kaminski asked about the grant for the camera in car. Yes, it had been received and used. Account is closed. Was reported before.

  • T. Bogaczyk asked how many officers there are. The Chief and 3 part time. R. Steffen commented C. Buttorff is near the end of his probation period. He has been working well.

  • A motion was made, seconded and passed to accept the Police Report.

  • Police

Borough Manager's report:

  • As you see, the new flags are set up in the Council Room. Flag pole is up and flag flying by Borough Building. Light is hooked up and looks really nice at night.

  • Cleanup week: May 6 through 10,2002. By setting date now there will be ample time to advertise. Same rules as last year, same day as regular garbage pickup. Park cleanup - set for 11 May 2002. As it was last year, no group sponsored as it used to be the Methodist Church prior to last year. Advertisement will state bring rakes, etc. Coal Festival and Legion and Gridiron had all donated other years. If Seniors at NPHS have to do community projects, perhaps some of them could help out.

  • Backhoe Bids: Advertised as required, six received as follows:
    Hazleton Mountain Laurel Enterprises $12, 781.00
    Cleveland Brothers 15,000.00
    R. Shaffer 4,056.00
    Bradco Supply Co. 12,259.00
    Bud Neidig's Auto Sales 8,000.00
    P & M Lawn & Garden 8,555.55
    Motion to accept bid of Cleveland Brothers by T. Bogaczyk Second R. Kaminski All in favor.

  • C. Bubacz noticed light out by KCC building, very dark. It is a pole light by the football field. She did not know if it is a borough light or PENELEC.

  • Borough Manager

Planning Commission report:

  • G. Lloyd had the paper work on the B. Jones to David and Beverly Jones on Granger Street Cul-de-sac minor subdivision. The Planning Commission approved the application. G. Lloyd took forms to the County Planner for his review. Signatures are in the wrong place C. Bubacz noted. The surveyor who prepared these maps has not submitted the proper signature block on any he has ever done that S. Ward has for review to be sent to Planning Commission, etc. Corrections are made and applications acted upon, no big problem.

  • Planning Commission could not approve other papers G. Lloyd had submitted for the Cul-de-sac as a "pie" shaped minor subdivision is required for apiece from Lindner to Jones so his property access is on the cul-de-sac. Has to have deed language for the pie-shape and for the B. Jones land.

    Ben Jones to David and Beverly Jones minor subdivision approved Motion of R. Kaminski
    Second T. McNamara


    Mylar not included. Discussion on this. County does not require it now. Borough Ordinance not changed - since mylar has to be done for maps, this will remain until such time other changes are made in borough ordinance as cost of amending ordinance for this would be so much. Applicant has to have mylar done for maps for the submission, so no added expense to them either.

    Motion of R. Kaminski, second T. McNamara with exception that mylar furnished to borough for signatures, also. All in favor.

  • Planning Commission

Recreation report:

  • Terms of office were reviewed by Board and Council. Minutes were supplied from previous meeting. Noted: J. Kuster not Custer.

  • A letter had been received from representatives of the NPHS Class of 1964 requesting approval for placement of a tree on Island Park in memory of deceased classmates Nancy Frank, Ronald Patterson, Doug Winder. They were aware there are trees planted on the area bordering the football field in memory of other persons. However, they would like to have the tree placed near the entrance to the park so family members would have easy access to this area.

  • R. Kaminski commented on trees at park now. C. Bubacz suggested planting near the new entrance sign so people would not try to park so close to it and possibly damage it.

  • T. McNamara suggested R. Kaminski should talk to them about the type of tree which would be best, also for the location to be recommended. The Shade Tree Commission would be the way to get these tree plantings done the right way. Mr. Kaminski will get together with the other members (Janford McCauley and Martha Bastian) on this. There again, he pointed out this should be included in the overall plan for the development of the Island Park as he has been talking about. Should Council approve plan or the Recreation Board? Since this is the Borough's park it is suggested that Recreation review, but Council making any decision. There is money in the Kuster Memorial Fund which is specifically ear-marked for a bench and trees at the park. The Mayor suggested one memorial plaque so there will not be a problem with putting them all over by each tree. The benches have been marked with a plaque, this is not a problem. T. McNamara suggested a list of trees which would be suitable for the park be made so people could make a selection.

  • Recreation

Television report:

  • People would like to have the "flashing" stopped. J. Ogden said it is costly. This was reported before, but it is bad

  • Television

Library report:

  • A bar-b-que and bake sale scheduled 13 April 2002.

  • Library

Street Committee report:

  • Tar and chipping for Morris Street, Schuylkill Street, will be done when borough goes on Liberty Township bid to save funding. The road where Nevins Street turns to St. Mary's Street is in bad shape. Ward asked if this could be looked at. Gas Tax funds will be deposited from the state 18 April 2002. G. Lloyd will contact Street Committee to go over streets.

  • Street Committee

Ordinance Update Committee report:

  • Mrs. Bubacz submitted some corrections. Planning and Zoning have been asked to meet together about the corrections. New books presented to those who had no book.

  • Ordinance information re: Flood. Ward will give to Mr. Ogden reference Methodist Church project in flood plain.

  • Ordinance Update Committee

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Meeting adjourned at 7:58 PM
Sally Ward
Borough Secretary