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Borough Council Minutes
April 9, 2001        6:30 PM
Attendance: Mayor John Backman

Council Members :
       Council President, James Bogaczyk
       Council Vice-President, Jerome Ogden
       Tonya McNamara
       James Holleman
       Cheryl Bubacz
       Raymond Kaminski
       Brian Laverty

Borough Manager, George Lloyd
Police Chief, Ronald Steffen
Borough Secretary, Sally Ward
NPHS Council Representative, Amber Jackson (Absent)

Minutes of the March 12, 2001 meeting were read and approved with correction sheet furnished to the members.
The Treasurer's report was read and approved, subject to audit.

A motion was made, seconded and passed to pay bills as presented.

Guests : Welcomed by Council President and requested to identify themselves and state reason for attending: L. Lloyd re: dump; J. Chaborek, business operator, re: question on Carpenter Street parking - letter submitted, item added to Agenda this meeting; Andy Deming re: attending to find out why the landfill was brought up again after having been defeated years ago. He would like to see who is for it and who is against it; Theresa Mahosky, Hamilton Township Supervisor, re: attending for same reason as A. Deming; A. Grinnell, D. Krause (Mainsburg) re: here to get information on proposed landfill also stating opposition to it; F. Piccolella, Liberty, re: attending because of the parking as he and wife have business also on Carpenter Street; N. & C. Freeberg re: landfill; M. Ritter, Granger Street, re: landfill, has a home here and is building another. He does not wish to see these discounted by a dump having an adverse effect on our great community. He stated he is proud of Blossburg, feels that we should show what we really think of Blossburg by actions against landfill; K. Lindquist, J. McCauley, Fire Department; A. Grinnell re: information landfill and opposed; C. Brazda re: information landfill; Liz Andrews re: landfill; J. & C. Andrews re: opposition to landfill requesting information; C. Andrews re: just bought home in Blossburg concerned due to talk of landfill, opposes it; J.K. Reilly re: questions on trucks, etc., concerning landfill.

J. Bogaczyk speaking for Council, if Council members do not object. Advised those attending that a letter had been received today from Hamilton Township which was addressed to their Supervisors with proposals by Waste Management. They requested meeting to discuss landfill plans.

As far as Blossburg Borough Council goes, we have not been contacted formally by this group. Everything that we know is so called "hear say". There are lots of rumors and stories going around. No one has come to us actually asking for anything, nor, offered us anything.

Meeting of Hamilton Township Supervisors is held on the first Tuesday of month, which will be 8 May 2001. If you want information, this meeting is open.

Nothing was presented to the Blossburg Borough. Again, rumors, stories only. J. Bogaczyk said that there was an informal meeting with one of their gentlemen (he guesses) and a couple of our people that had absolutely nothing to do with Council. They talked a little bit. Some of these rumors and so on came out of that conversation. And, that conversation it was my (J. Bogaczyk) understanding that the waste company wanted to know what we would want and what we would do if they came in, and so on. No one has given them any encouragement at this stage of the game to come in. Nothing was asked for and nothing offered.

Hamilton township is the one who is going to have to deal with it. And, Hamilton township is the one who will have to make the agreement. We are in no way going to make any agreement with these people so they can go to Hamilton Township and say, "Well Blossburg will do this or the County Commissioners said they could do this".

What we are interested in is what Hamilton Township will do. Hamilton Township is against it, I am sure we will fight it. If Hamilton Township says, we will license this, there is nothing the Borough of Blossburg can do because it is not in the Borough.

If, in fact, Hamilton township does license this and the landfill does go up there, we have to protect ourselves, and the streets. One of our problems is that Route 15 is a state highway and the road from 15 to the corner of East Creek -a state highway-the street which will be involved with us is East Creek Road. This is approximately a half mile of road.

The other thing is that if they are going up there and are licensed, they are going to create leachate. In order to take care of that they will probably have to build a sewer plant or come and request to hook into our sewer plant. If they are licensed and are at that stage, it would probably be to our advantage to have them hook into ours, having to bring it up to grade and allow us that much more capacity to bring in Morris Run and Arnot which we hope to do eventually, anyway. That would be the only reason that we would be interested in that until that time. Only if the state says they are going in there and Hamilton Township. So everyone who has called me about this, my advice to them has been to attend the Hamilton Township meeting. You can probably find out more there, than here. There should be their (Waste) representatives there who could answer your questions. There should be somebody there who could answer your questions.

We went on the record eight years ago as being opposed to it. Hamilton township was and it was upheld. That is as much as he could say. He said he did not know how he could make it any clearer as to where we sit in the Borough.

He said he did not want those trucks on North Williamson Road or over there anymore than anyone else.

He said that in the letter that came down today, there was a statement that pertained to the fact that a new fire hall is needed. It alluded to the servicing of the area from an upgraded facility and for them. Sounds to him like they are offering a new fire hall. The letter sounds like they almost would give us the world. Several other points were discussed such as serving locally, surrounding PA communities, giving employment, money to host township, not much for Blossburg after host fees-if anything.

He said he would like to see all of the people at the Hamilton Township meeting. You do not have to live there to go to the meeting.

Discussion on various related items followed. Points-out of state, location of road for access, when this corporation formed (Jan 2001), possible sale of site as soon as permitted if permitted.

B. Laverty has done some research on the company and reported on it, a sham as far as he could determine. If permitted, indications are, it would be sold as soon as possible no doubt to an outside company.

Jack Kelly Jr. brought up the road by his property and where a new one would be. He said there is no for sale sign in front of their house. He inquired about who takes care of East Creek Road, the borough or state. The Borough does.

Support is needed from all the communities if this is to be fought. This should also involve the county, Don Krause stated. After all, it could be any place including the Grand Canyon if you think about it. There is lots of deep space.

Ward Manufacturing has written about supporting the landfill as it would cut their expenses for hauling. They have access to their own place for the sand already.

L. Lloyd asked if more information can be put out to the public. She was advised the meetings are open, the minutes are on the Blossburg Website after they are approved by the Council. She described what happened with the creek by their home.

Anyone interested in helping is advised to contact the Tioga County Concerned Citizens Committee.

Bogaczyk said that there are also dangers to the properties who have wells or springs on Ruah Street which R. King no doubt thought of as a new resident.

C. Freeberg discussed areas where he had been living before which had suffered from all the adverse things due to the trucks, the garbage, etc.

After questions were asked and concerns addressed, most of the public in attendance left the meeting although invited to remain by Council President. R. Kaminski, J. Ogden also remarked prior to their departure that everyone should understand that the situation is exactly as J. Bogaczyk described. Nothing can be done until such time as Council receives formal notification. Linda Lutomski noted that all the people need to come together as there is strength in numbers. The Council can not make any statement, can not take any official action such as voting for or against this at this time.

In order to get things moving, the Fire Department representatives were asked if they had a report. They did not. Attended to see what bids came in for sale of fire equipment.

One bid for $1,500 on the 1966 Ford C-750 Engine 4-1 was made by J. Crittenden of Mansfield. Discussion-especially in light of fact did not make minimum bid offer. Motion to reject and rebid made by R. Kaminski; second by Laverty. All in favor. The company will also put ad in fire company magazines. The next opening would be June if Fire Chief arranges with magazines for bids, also. Lindquist and McCauley left the meeting at 7:25 PM.

G. Lloyd arrived at this time. He had been delayed due to the storm starting right after six this evening.

The letter from Jani's Salon, Field Flowers, Spring Creek Bridal Ship was moved from New Business to this time. Discussion will be held with street Committee visiting the site. Frank of Field Flowers said they had contacted the building owner.

Frank and Jani left at 7:45 PM after thanking Council for their consideration.

Reports : Mayor :  No report

Police :  View report.

Borough Manager :   View report.
Borough Manager's:   Activity Log.

Planning Commission :  View report

Recreation :  View report.

Fire Department :  View report.

Television :    View report.

Library :     View report.

Street Committee :    View report.

K.C.C. :    View report.

Budget Committee :    No report

NPHS Student rep :    No report

Zoning Hearing Board :    No Report.

Ordinance Update Committee :    View Report.

Old Business:
  1. Gulick Street trailer park: No report.
  2. Regionalization: No report.
  3. Street lighting: No report
  4. Borough Hall relocation to 245 Main Street Open House: Thanks to all who attended and those who helped. A motion was made seconded and passed to remove this item from the agenda.
  5. Codification Study: Ordinances to Codifier. Will take time to review.
  6. House Numbers Ordinance: P. Barrett is working on this.
  7. Fees & P. Barrett is working on this.
  8. Powell/Williamson House: Letter to members from P. Barrett noting that the owner is bankrupt and the son is now the owner.
  9. Landfill letter Lupkowski: Everyone had a copy of the letter. Suggested he is willing to go on truck to see about the improvements which can be made.A motion was made seconded and passed to remove the Lupkowski letter until the Budget Committee meets.
  10. Kelly property on East Creek: The county was contacted as to the lack of a tax listing for John & Pam Kelly. Ward was advised that they had appealed and they were put into the Covington Township book. Yet, tonight he was here about his Blossburg property. Ward said she is concerned since the county did not even notify the borough concerning the matter.

New Business:
  • Carpenter Street parking: The Street Committee will go to the site April 10,2001.

  • TCAB will be held at Elkland on 26 April 2001.
  • TCDC Breakfast will be 4 May 2001.
  • J. Bogaczyk said he had been approached and asked why the borough did not join. Each year, same thing, even when they are shown check number and form.

Police report:

  • Class: D. Crawford will have another class to attend next year about traffic accident reconstruction. After that time, he would be classified as an expert witness.

  • Overtime: The Coal Festival is at the end of May. Overtime would be required to patrol extra, etc. He would be over budget if furnished just overtime for Friday and Saturday night. A motion was made to approve overtime pay for approximately $295 to cover the Coal Festival. This was seconded and passed.

  • Vandalism: C. Bubacz asked if with all the vandalism in Wellsboro, are the officers being more alert to what could happen, as at the football field in Wellsboro, The Chief said, yes.

  • Sunday Duty: J. Bogaczyk asked if anyone is on duty Sunday. In afternoon, officer is on duty. Discussed each day same car parks by KCC and leaves orange skins and cigarette butts. Would like officer to check.

    Youngsters about 11-13 are playing behind garage in the metals. Concerned they could get hurt. Please check area, also.

  • S. Ward thanked J. Kriner for the day he came over to Field Flowers answering call about tree, pole climber concerns. Also discussed other problems with store operators. Very pleased with help.

  • A motion was made, seconded and passed to accept the Police Report.

  • Police

Borough Manager's report:

  • E. Stanley: Good news, Ed Stanley's eye exam results stating he can drive.

  • State Auction: State auction on 12 May 2001. Would like to try to get tar buggy and a roller. J. Bogaczyk asked him to advise when this will be in event he can also go.

  • A motion was made, seconded and passed to approve trip and bid.

  • Water Off: R. Kaminski asked about water off. Electricity was off ten hours or so. Need to have a back-up generator, too. Tank dropped 1 1/2 feet per hour.

  • Request Bid Sale Equipment: Would like to bid out for sale Mobile sweeper, jeep, Metro.

  • A motion was made, seconded and passed to approve advertising items for sale.

  • First Aid: Access to first aid 1/2 prices was discussed with police. Chief said they have access. J. Bogaczyk the problems with Red Cross at pool. Advised to call R. Hall.

  • J. Kelly Jr. returned to meeting to inquire about property that someone discussed with him indicating land wanted near sewer plant. He was advised this would have to be with the Municipal Authority. He was invited to remain, but declined.

  • Borough Manager

Planning Commission report:

  • No applications. Ward reported the need for Commission to go over the regulations on applications for subdivisions as they did not get all the information they are required to have when reviewing R. Kaminski application.

  • Planning Commission

Recreation report:

  • No meeting last month as everyone was involved in Junior High Basketball. Happy to report both boys and girls did very well.

  • Recreation

Fire Department report:

Television report:

  • Channel 28 is off and on. It will be checked.

  • Television

Library report:

  • Quarterly meeting 24 April 2001. Bar-B-Que and bake sale coming up Saturday. Selling tote bags with library picture.

  • Library

Street Committee report:

K.C.C. report:

  • J. Eckman will go with B. Laverty to work on mens' room.

  • K.C.C.

Ordinance Update Committee report:

Letter was sent to Municipal Authority customers who have not kept up with their budget payments. T. McNamara asked what time frame these included. these are with those 60 - 90 days late.

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Adjournment at 8:16 PM         
Sally Ward
Borough Secretary