Light Up The Holidays Contest

Blossburg V.I.B.E. Presents
Light Up the Holidays Contest 2012

2011 Green Winner - Leslie and Sherry Powers

Click here for 2011 winners and pictures.

House and Business Decorating Contest

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Decorate your house or business storefront for the holidays and maybe you'll win a prize from V.I.B.E.! Light Up the Holidays judging will be held Dec. 22, 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. everywhere in the borough of Blossburg. Prize donations are welcome - contact Kelly Rossell,, 570-404-5007.

The "Light up the Holidays!" contest is free of charge and open to every resident of Blossburg. Residents are encouraged to decorate to the following themes:

  1. Best Overall (The one we like best!)
  2. Green Christmas (a display that features LED lighting or other creative eco-friendly, energy-efficient products)
  3. Victorian Theme (which would include the Old Style Country Christmas Decorations.)
  4. Most Christmas Spirit Theme is obviously the place that just stands out with the greatest feeling of Christmas magic and warmth.
  5. There will also be a theme for the Best Christmas Store Front Window Display.

    A prize will be awarded for each of the listed themes above. Judging is scheduled for December 22nd at 7pm.

More Info:

2011 Winners Click here for pictures

  • Green Christmas: Leslie & Sherry Powers, 140 Davis St
  • Most Christmas Spirit: Jenn Barrett & Rich Williams, 213 Granger St. (includes music!)
  • Victorian: Ray & Pat Kaminski, 242 South Williamson Rd.
  • Whimsical: Frank & Phun Wasowitz, 158 St. Mary's St.
  • Best business display: Decades of Beauty, 240 Main St.

Here's a link to the light up the holidays contest past winners.

Light Up the Holidays! Contest Winners

Community Tree Decorating Pictures