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Borough Manager's Activity Log
May 2003

Date Activity
  • Spring clean up. Finish Monday's route and some of Tuesday's route. Haul approximately 9 1/2 tons of garbage and about 7 tons of metal.
  • Measure Boro streets for tar and chip this year. Will write up and present to Street Committee.
  • Ben Jones repair furnace at Boro Hall.
  • Water totalizer at Bellman Filter broke. Remove and send away for repair.
  • Leesa make up 24 shut off notices.

  • Work on 7 shut offs today.
  • Spring cleanup. Finish Tuesday route and start on Wednesday's route. Haul about 3 1/2 tons of garbage and 5 tons of metal.
  • DEP set up equipment at Bellman Filter for performance tests.
  • Sewer plugged at Methodist Church. Gave plumber a copy of sewer map.

  • Three employees go to sewer class at Wellsboro in morning.
  • Spring cleanup. Finish up Wednesday's route then go back and collect material that was not picked up on the earlier days. Haul about 5 tons of garbage today.
  • DEP finish performance test at Bellman Filter. Water plant passed with flying colors.

  • Spring cleanup. Haul about 4 tons of garbage to NTSWA and 3 tons of metal to stock yard.
  • Plumber installing some new sewer line at Methodist Church. Found roots in lateral going down toward sewer main. Will have crew take gas powered auger down and clean out line tomorrow morning.
  • Supplies for roof KCC delivered in afternoon. Store in one bay of Boro garage until needed.

  • Spring cleanup. Finish up town. Haul about 3 tons of garbage and 4 tons of metal.
  • Clean roots out of sewer lateral at Methodist Church. Plumber got line connected back together .
  • Discuss status of new footbridge at Park. Bids to be advertised next week and due on June 13. After engineers review, Council should be able to accept a bid at the June 19 Council meeting.

  • Start flushing hydrants.
  • Volunteers remove old shingles and install new shingles on half of KCC roof.

  • Remove four sections of concrete decking at pool that were bad. Get area ready so Wrisley crew can repour areas before Memorial Day.
  • Order tires for Blossburg Ambulance.
  • Belawski cleaning up around shrubs at Park.

  • Cut grass at park all day.
  • Dig hole for water meter pit at Dan lamonski home. Service line really deep, so had to order a taller meter setter. Fence off hole until material is delivered .

  • Three employees go to last sewer class at Wellsboro in morning.
  • Mail applications to DEP for 3 employees to take sewer tests in August at Williamsport.
  • Put 3' long flat edge bucket on backhoe, then start cleaning ditches around town.
  • Dan go to computer class in Towanda all day.
  • Front springs bad on 10-wheel truck. Call repair shop for appointment.
  • Diving boards at pool need anti-skid material put on surface. Will have Mitchell's Radiator Shop spray Rhino liner on surface. They have to order a white pigment for paint. Will call when ready to do job.

  • Chemicals delivered to pool and Bellman Filter .
  • Take 10-wheel truck to repair shop. Springs and bushings on rear of truck bad also. Leave truck overnight and will pick up tomorrow morning.
  • Check out paving equipment at Wellsboro with Stuart Lisowski. Items to be auctioned off this Saturday.
  • Shut off two more delinquent homes in morning. Turn one back on after bills were paid.
  • Water leak at Ward's Plant #2. Looks like leak is on their water line, not Water Authority's.

  • Replace brake line on 1 ton truck.
  • Wash down pool and put covers on grates in deep end. Ready to fill pool this weekend.
  • Pick up 10-wheel dump truck from repair shop. Haul load of sand for stp on the way back.
  • Replace broken sinks at pool.
  • Trace water lines at Plant #2 for Ward's. They will get leak repaired.
  • NTSWA sweeping streets today.
  • Flush hydrants on Granger St. and at NPHC.

5-17 and 18
  • Flush hydrants.
  • Fill swimming pool.
  • Coal Festival carnival start bringing in rides, late Saturday night.

  • Install filters at pool.
  • Clean ditches around town.
  • Street Committee decide on two miles of road to tar and chip in town.
  • Try starting pool filter motor, but electric breakers keep tripping. Will work on tomorrow.
  • Set up voting booths in council room.

  • Primary election at Boro Hall.
  • Dave Jones and Boro employee work on pool filter motor. Take apart and get impeller loosened.
  • Clean ditches around town.
  • Transfer some money from General Fund into Easy Access CD's.
  • Wrisley crew pour sections of concrete deck at pool. Came out nice.
  • Take diving boards from pool to a shop so they can be sprayed with Line-X.

  • Talk to solicitor. He needs more railroad property surveyed on north end of town.
  • Mow grass at Park all day before Coal Festival tonight.
  • Push up sludge in drying beds, and then drop more sludge from clarigesters.
  • DEP bring Water Assessment Data to office. Will mail copies to Authority.

  • Water leak at Bellman Filer. Flooded pit between flocculators. Pump out water and get plant running again.
  • Turn on R & G well to fill 1-MG tank.
  • Diving boards done at paint shop. Will pick up tomorrow.

  • NTSWA sweep streets in town.
  • Haul 2A gravel to East Creek and level off with backhoe. Will grade road later next week.
  • Pick up diving boards. Will install on platforms next week.

  • Coal Festival parade cancelled because of rain.

  • Memorial Day holiday.

  • Cold patch potholes.
  • Level off rest of 2A gravel on East Creek Rd., then spread gravel on Granger St.
  • Install diving boards at pool in afternoon.

  • Level off stone on East Creek Road and Granger Street with grader and stone rake.
  • Work on paperwork for DEP, which allows Boro trucks to haul garbage to NTSWA.
  • Call company in New York about a 100 KW generator. They will e-mail information to office.

  • Get load of cold patch from Mill Hall.
  • Locate manholes on Granger Street and measure for height of risers needed to raise lid to ground level.
  • Leak in radiator for garbage truck. Remove radiator and take to Mitchell's for repair.
  • Try to locate water leak on end of Liberty Street.
  • Dave Jones review e-mail for 100 KW generator. Will try and determine if Authority will be able to use at STP pump house.

  • Collect garbage and recyclables with 1 ton truck and pickup while garbage truck down. Garbage truck radiator repaired in morning. Go over and pickup. Put radiator back in truck in afternoon.
  • Order risers for manhole lids.
  • Discuss possible tar and chip work to be done by Penn Dot around town thru Agility Agreement. Will meet with PennDot representative next week to look at roads.

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George Lloyd
Borough Manager