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Borough Manager's Activity Log
July 2002

Date Activity
  • Work on putting valves and piping together at garage. Once completed will take to stp.

  • Start work at stp. Excavate ditch line so piping and valves that were put together at garage can be placed in ground.
  • Zeiser Vault called and will deliver first manhole for stp this Wednesday morning.

  • Replace bad valve at pool in morning.
  • Dig out for manhole at stp so ready for Zeiser Vault tomorrow morning. Use 4" pump to divert water from secondary clarifier at stp around piping we have to cut out so new valves can be installed. Get work done by end of day so - water can run from secondary clarifier to chlorine contact pipe through temporary piping. Mark out area to be dug out for new chlorine contact pipe at stp.

  • Get manhole from Zeiser Vault set at stp.
  • Flush hydrants on Rt. 15.
  • Police Committee meeting at night.

  • Holiday

  • Excavate ditch line at stp for more piping. Use gravel that was dug out to make road around trickling filter so we have access to job area from two directions.
  • Call AL Blades about road oil for dirt roads around town.
  • Contractor done at Veterans Monument.

  • Start digging for 10" pipe drain to new chlorine pit. Almost finish excavating area for new chlorine contact pit.
  • Bob Wood at Boro Hall to discuss available railroad property in town.
  • Well driller remove 110 feet of old well casing at NPHC.
  • AL Blades oil dirt roads around town.

  • Finish installing 10" drain line to new CL2 pit at stp. Got 12" bypass piping done between new and old CL2 pits, then take out temporary piping so we can finish excavating for new CL2 pit.
  • Well driller remove rest of old well casing at NPHC site.
  • Al Blades oil dirt roads around town.
  • Concrete crew drop off rebar for new CL2 pit at stp.

  • Finish digging out area for new CL2 pit at stp and build ramp down to site. At base of hole so ready for concrete crew tomorrow, level off gravel.
  • Old football bleachers are finished being downsized so can be used at different areas of the Park.
  • Large ash tree at Library was trimmed to take weight off certain branches.

  • Clean up material cut off old bleachers and haul away.
  • Concrete crew start work on new CL2 pit at stp. Called about renting a screen to use at stp so smaller gravel can be made to put around new CL2 pit when done. Will also use gravel to finish other access road to work site at stp.
  • Flush hydrants on Granger St.

  • Pick up screen and take to stp to screen gravel for use at work site.
  • New football bleachers delivered to Island Park.
  • Concrete crew pour base for new CL2 pit at stp.

  • Go to Mansfield to get broom for backhoe to sweep off roads before tar and chipping.
  • Field Tech, from Muncy, in to check out loader to see why oil in crankcase is overfilling. Think it may be a bad seal on transmission leaking into engine oil.
  • Finish screening gravel for stp and take screen back to Halls in Tioga.
  • Talk to Ray Kaminski about ash tree at Library.

  • Was not able to get broom to work on new backhoe so cleaned roads off, that are to be tar and chipped, with air compressor.
  • Liberty Twp. tar and chip roads around town. Did a nice job.

  • Clean up limbs that were cut off tree at Library.
  • Take broom for backhoe back to Mansfield.
  • Pick up old well casing from NPHC and haul away.
  • Call Central Equipment to rent core machine to make holes in concrete walls at stp. Put more valves and piping together at garage to use at stp.

  • Core hole in wall of old CL2 pit so 12" pipe and valve can be installed.
  • Field Tech put loader back together. We will keep an eye on engine oil to see if problem is solved .
  • Concrete crew pour walls for new CL2 pit at stp.

  • Dig hole by secondary clarifier at stp so hole can be cored in wall for more fittings. Take core machine back to Montoursville when done.
  • Concrete crew start removing forms from new CL2 pit. Run sprinkler on concrete all weekend so concrete cures slowly.
  • Meet with Williamson Land Co. and engineers about new development on old Rt.15.
  • Mayor and Police Chief go to Nanticoke to pick up new police car.
  • Heavy rains at Bellman filter so had to shut down plant because of dirty water.

  • Dig up and remove manhole at stp, which had a bad 3-way valve inside. Will order parts to replace bad valve.
  • Do plumbing at Bellman filter so testing can be done at plant over next couple of weeks. Will run Sportsman Well while doing tests.

  • Pick up material needed to replace broken 3-way valve at stp. Start work installing material late in morning.
  • Cut brush along Ruah St.
  • Heavy rains in afternoon. Crew out cleaning catch basins.

  • Finish plumbing where 3-way valve was removed then backfill area. Start excavating at another manhole so drain lines from stp drying beds and control house can be exposed .
  • New decals installed on police car.

  • Locate drain line from stp drying beds and start re-plumbing to new sludge manhole piping.
  • Repair berm on Granger St.
  • Meeting with DEP at Bellman filter.
  • Get new channel rails needed for "v" notch weir at stp in Williamsport. Then take up to Zeiser Vault so they can place in new flow meter pit they will start building next week.

  • Re plumb drain lines from stp drying beds and control house together with a 6 inch Wye. Install influent pipe to new CL2 pit at stp and cement about pipe.
  • Send for information on 275KW generator that was advertised in Elmira paper.

  • Install effluent pipe in new CL2 pit at stp. Excavate for piping from drying beds and control house to 10" sludge drain. Broke water line while digging. Will repair later .
  • Talk to NTSWA about sewer sludge sampling.

  • Finish putting boards on old bleachers at park.
  • Finish piping lines from drying beds and control house to sludge drain at stp. Repair broken water line at stp.
  • Meet with S. Bray at stp to discuss project. New arm for trickling filter won't be delivered until 8/26.
  • J. Ogden and I meet with engineers at Park footbridge.
  • Well driller televise NPHC well casing. Leave tape at office.

  • Four sections of pool filter broke during night. Was able to repair and get filtering again by installing used sections we had at pool. Able to open pool in afternoon.
  • Dig up 6" DIP for recirculation pumps at stp and splice in fittings that will pipe to sludge tank.
  • Cut brush on Ruah St. and E. Creek Rd. intersection.

  • Finish piping from 6" DIP recirculation pump line to sludge tank. Backfill 2' of gravel around new CL2 pit.
  • D. Jones and I go to Millport to look at generator.

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George Lloyd
Borough Manager