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Borough Manager's Activity Log
April 2001

Date Activity
  • Replace catch basin on Mill Street by School District driveway in preparation of running new drain into it from new Boro Hall parking lot.
  • Talk to PennDot rep. about looking at Boro streets early in May.
  • Hire Adam Sherant to work after school cleaning up Park and doing odd jobs.

  • Mike Harbold gave me 2 weeks notice about leaving the Boro. Found a job in Harrisburg.
  • Install drain pipe from new parking lot to catch basin by School District driveway.

  • Take STP recirculating pump apart but needs new parts. Have to order them.
  • Roof on clivus multrum restroom rotting around skylights. Replace half of the plywood on one side of roof and cover with felt paper.
  • Sally set up Council Room for open house tomorrow.

  • Haul sludge from Bellman filter.
  • Replace plywood on other half of roof on multrum restroom. Put shingles on half of roof done yesterday.
  • Open house at new Boro Hall.
  • Solicitor finish letter on new Boro pickup purchase and send to bank.

  • Go to Pittsburgh and get new Boro pickup.
  • Rain all day. Sweep streets around town with broom.

  • Put back rack on new pickup and make appointment with Mitchell's Radiator Shop to have box spray lined.
  • PRWA in to locate water leaks we can't find. Locate main leak on granger Street and service line leak on Doug Davies property.
  • Boro employees got first Hepatitis A shots today. Will get second dose in 6 months.
  • Heavy rains at night. Have to turn off Bellman filter.
  • Council Meeting - Good turnout because of proposed landfill on Barney's Hill.

  • Mark out area in blacktop for water leak on Granger Street.
  • Put shingles on other half of multrum restroom. Leave areas open for skylights on one side of roof
  • Attend teleconference on "Pay as you throw" for garbage. Got information to look at.
  • Mike Harbold all done working for Boro.

  • Install one skylight on men's side of multrum restroom.
  • Call about parts to repair STP recirculating pump. Won't be in for about 3 weeks.

  • Repair water leak on Granger Street. 4" CIP main cracked on the bottom.
  • Rent stone rake from Stuart Lisowski to level up track. Start work in late afternoon.
  • Clean intake screen at Bellman Reservoir.
  • Clean up sod along streets from snow plowing.

  • Finish raking track then rolled it. Ready for Houser to paint lines for track meets.

  • Pump water out of pool and turn on water to filter room so pool can be hosed down.
  • Flows to town dropped about 20 GPM after repairing leak on Granger Street.
  • Load junk metal from Boro yard into Staimen truck.
  • Take rebuilt transmission to Cleveland so it can be put back in old water truck.

  • Install meter pit for trailer in Mitchell's trailer park so meter inside home can be taken out. Location of meter inside home is a bad place to get at.
  • Clean pool.

  • United Fire check fire extinguishers in garage, filter plants and Boro Hall.
  • Hire Ben Jones' crew to work on water meters around town for Water Authority because we are short handed.
  • Have Jim Smith make tool for protecting guide rail posts while installing with excavator along Tioga River.

  • Take more items from old hall to new Hall. Trying to finish up my room so have place to put items from Sally & leesa's old rooms. Once cleaned out, Fire Co. can work in Sally & Leesa's old rooms and modify as they want.

  • Locate good phone line to upstairs room which can be used for Internet access for new Authority computer which they will get from DEP.
  • Start installing studding in multrum restroom so half of each room can be blocked off while installing new toilets which will be connected to the sewer line.
  • Deliver copies of Inter municipal Agreement with Hamilton Twp. to Authority members so agreement can be reviewed with Bob Cox and Scott Bray before Authority meeting on May 1.

  • Start cleaning up geotextile in STP drying beds. Leave in beds until material dries up more.
  • Install meter pit at Roupp's home on Route 15 so meter can be removed from inside home.
  • C.T.Co. connect line for Internet access to new computer upstairs.
  • Ed Stanley bring back new Authority computer from DEP while on trip to Hershey for checkup.

  • Clean geotextile out of grease drying beds at STP and put in new material.
  • Having problems reading new water pit meters with meter gun. Call L/B Water Service to discuss with them.

  • Finish top soiling areas around town that were dug up last year.
  • Check a couple of white pines at park. 15' high stump of tree that was cut last year is rotten inside. Another tree by pool is hollow. Will have both cut down and hauled away. Discuss at next Council meeting.
  • Executive session with Council and Solicitor for legal advice.

  • Haul sludge from Bellman filter to STP.
  • Clean storm drain grates.
  • Install wood studs to partition off half of women's side of multrum restroom at park.

  • Install key control box in employee shed at garage to store all equipment keys instead of leaving in vehicles.
  • Get 13 tons of cold patch in Williamsport.
  • Put recirculation pump back together and put back in pit at STP.

  • Tree cutters take down bad white pine by pool and maple tree by tennis courts and Little League fields.

  • Start Spring Cleanup. A lot of junk out. Separate metal and put in container to take to Staimen's.
  • Jim Bogaczyk and I go to High School and talk to Al Lindner and Guidance Counselor, Katrina Barton about potential Authority and Boro employees. One name recommended was Matt Grinnell.
  • Contact Matt Grinnell and he just got laid off from Wards. Will hire him to work for Authority.
  • Recreation meeting - hire life guards and purchase mower for cutting grass at park.

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George Lloyd
Borough Manager